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A shakedown run to Chicago with the truck revealed that the stalling issue was not in fact completely solved by the new fuel relay switch. It was running really well around town but would stall every half hour or so while on the freeway. I took it to the garage for further diagnosis and they were able to hook it up to the computer.

It returned a code 31, which means that the EGR valve was sticking. They replaced this, and also found a cracked spark plug. (I should have replaced all the plugs myself. If only I had more time!) While it was in the shop, I also had them replace the valve cover gaskets (no more burning oil smell in the cab!) and check the brakes. My friendly mechanic Steve replaced the front worn brake pads and rotors, and also cleaned and repacked the wheel bearings.

This cost quite a bit, so I’ll have to wait until the savings account builds up again before I do the remaining work, including:

  1. Replacing the slider window
  2. Shocks all the way around
  3. Converting or recharging the R12 A/C system (Can’t find a place to refill this!)
  4. Glue on the EFI logo I ordered on Ebay
  5. A cover for the bed
  6. Touch-up on the Duraliner
  7. New mud flaps
  8. New running boards

Got the truck back from the garage after they did some tests and diagnoses. It turns out the fuel relay switch was bad. It has been running great since I got it back. I also had them replace the thermostat which was sticking, which also required a flush and fill for the radiator, which was good as well. Lastly, I had them replace the upper and lower ball joints, which were almost completely shot.

Still need to go back and have them replace the valve cover gaskets, as she is leaking oil there and you can smell it a bit after running for a while. Thought about doing it myself, but I don’t know when I’ll have the time. I also had them check the brakes, which are okay for now, but I’ll need to have the drums replaced as I can feel that they are slightly warped. I also got a quote to replace the slider window, as it doesn’t seal or lock properly. That is on the list for completion by the end of June.

Once all of the vital mechanical issues are sorted out, I’d like to recharge the AC and see if I can get it working again. The compressor spins, which is a good sign. The fan blows and the AC button lights up when it’s depressed. I just don’t get cold air. Hopefully it just needs refrigerant. I did test the cruise control last week, which still works!

Other needs are a re-gluing of the headliner, for which I have purchased some special spray-on glue, and a touch up of the bed Duraliner on the tailgate area. I yanked the old seat cover, which had holes, and replaced it with a new horse-blanket style bench seat in medium blue. There is also a new front license plate (Diamond-plate Detroit old english “D”).

More updates to follow as things unfold…