Cosmetic updates to Old Blue

Posted: September 15, 2015 in Cars

At some point in time during her glory days, Old Blue had a full running board that went from the front wheel well all the way to the back one. Later in her career, her owner decided to outfit her for a truck camper. Doing so necessitated his having to take the rear part of the running board off to make room for the lower brackets.

This left the truck with a vestigial rear-front wheel well fixed splash guard which looked out of place at best. On Sunday I decided to remove these vestigial limbs. Of course they were rusted, so after soaking in penetrating oil I was able to pop the heads of the bolts off on the passenger side with ease. The driver’s side was not so easy. I ended up having to cut those bolt heads off to get the guard off of the wheel well.

Two broken reciprocating saw blades later and after a trip to Ace Hardware, I was able to saw all of the bolts off. This project was partially a test of how hard it will be for me to remove the old mud flaps and replace them, which I am thinking of tackling during the upcoming weekend. I wish the original running board was in full working order, as it must have looked pretty sharp, especially when the running board lights were all wired up and operating.  

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