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If you’re interested in watching a new drama, check out “Justified” on FX. Season 2 just ended, but you can find the entire first season on Netflix or at the local video store (if any are still open in your area.) The series follows the adventures of Federal Marshall Rayland Givens, played by Timothy Olyphant. If you are thinking, “oh God, not another cop show,” don’t worry. I’m just as jaded from the glut of cop dramas out there on TV as anybody, and I really enjoy this show. (How many “Law and Orders” do we need, anyway?)

This show stands out because it is more about character and story than police procedures and solving cases. The cast and their interrelationships with each other are the real story of “Justified.” Olyphant portrays the main character with depth and personality in a realistic and empathetic way – warts and all. His surrounding cast is similarly talented, and creates a coherent and smartly acted experience for the viewer. You care about these characters from week to week, and want to keep watching to see how things turn out. (That’s what makes it great to rent the whole season and watch it in one sitting. Believe me, you won’t be able to stop watching.)

I recommend trying to watch the series from the beginning (Season 1 was last year) on Netflix, or if you are a Comcast subscriber, watch them online. You can also catch them on iTunes for a fee. Then dive into season two on FX via your DVR. You’ll be glad that you did.

The Digital Video Recorder is perhaps the greatest invention of the last 20 years — at least in my opinion. There are probably a few folks who are the beneficiaries of artificial hearts or breakthrough cancer medicines who will disagree with me. With my magical DVR, no longer do I have to wait through obnoxious commercials for products I will never purchase in order to see an episode of “Hell’s Kitchen.” (Who are these people buying the “Sham Wow” anyway?)  Now, I have the power to fast forward to the good parts of “The Bachelor” and “Celebrity Apprentice” (if there are any, that is).

As a busy father of three, watching a television program when it actually airs is often not even a remote possibility. I am required to administer baths, prepare gargantuan amounts of hot dog and macaroni and cheese meals, or break up fights over whose turn it is to use the Xbox to kill digital Al-Qaida soldiers. Thank goodness for the ability to hit “pause” while I separate my wrestling children off of one another, so I can return later to see if the gang on “Swamp People” were  able to capture the monster alligator that has alluded them all season.

Another wonder of the DVR is the ability to save several episodes of a program and watch them all at the same time. Hollywood producers who try to create cliff hanger episodes are foiled by my remote control as I move deftly from one week’s episode of “Justified” to the next on my hard drive. Racy shows with adult themes and potty words can also be reserved for later at night when mommy and daddy have tucked the kiddos into bed. The DVR is the answer to a busy parent’s prayers.

BROOKS, Calif. – It’s a tale that sounds straight out of the script pages of a feature film. In the waning years of the 1980s, a burgeoning singing group sneaks backstage during a performance by New Edition spin-off group Bell Biv DeVoe. The boys perform an a cappella rendition of New Edition’s “Can You Stand the Rain” for New Edition/BBD member Michael Bivins. He’s so impressed by the group that he signs them to a production deal with his own Biv Ten Records company – and the rest is history.

For those interested in “the rest of the story” the group being described is the sensational Boyz II Men, the four-time Grammy Award-winning R&B singers, who return to Cache Creek Casino Resort’s Club 88 on Jan. 15 at 8 p.m. to perform from their roster of well-known hits.

Based on sales, Boyz II Men is the most successful R&B male vocal group of all time, recording five #1 R&B hits between 1992 and 1997 and selling more than 60 million records. Three of their #1 hits, “End of the Road,” “I’ll Make Love to You,” and “One Sweet Day” with Mariah Carey set and broke records for the longest period of time a single remained at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 – the last of them still holding that record. Although their song “On Bended Knee” did not break any records, it was still an immensely popular song that reached #1 and made Boyz II Men the third artists behind Elvis and The Beatles to replace themselves at the number one spot of the Billboard Hot 100.

Tickets are available for $65, $55, and $45 through on the web:, by phone: (800) 225-2277 or at: and Cache Creek Casino Resort guest services.

BROOKS, Calif. – A show by the funky group Con Funk Shun is always packed with electrifying choreography, glistening six-part vocal harmonies, and a dash of humor. Even after 35-years in the music industry, these veterans never fail to wow their audiences. With their library of dance party hits and romantic ballads, the 70s and 80s superstars who got their start in Vallejo will return to Northern California with a stop at Cache Creek Casino Resort’s Club 88 stage on Sept. 4 at 8 p.m.

Through their memorable melodies, inventive horn arrangements and guitar woven grooves, Con Funk Shun has at times been identified as the group absolutely essential to the evolution of funk. They charted four consecutive Gold and one Platinum album, and their 20 hit singles included eight Top Ten R&B Hits and one #1 R&B smash between 1977-1986. This is a resume any band would be proud of.
With finesse and consistency, they legitimized those who followed them, and countless rap and hip-hop samples exposed them to a new generation. In response to this new exposure, albums like the” Best of Con Funk Shun” have been re-released multiple times. It’s this type of fan enthusiasm that encouraged the band to return to the stage.

Their recognizable stable of hits includes “Sho Feels Good To Me,” “Confunkshunizeya,” “Ffun,” “Shake And Dance With Me,” “Chase Me,” “Got To Be Enough,” “Bad Lady,” “Too Tight,” “Baby I’m Hooked (Right into Your Love),” “Ms. Got-The-Body,” “Electric Lady,” “I’m Leaving Baby,” “Burnin’ Love,” and “Throw It Up, Throw It Up.” Guests of the show will be sure to hear some of these chart topping hits on the Club 88 stage just as they sounded when they originally climbed the charts.

“My sound has stayed essential because the guys and I still actively tour,” says Con Funk Shun’s Michael Cooper. “My musical inspiration comes from my audience, my family and from life. My sound has fueled a generation and that same generation fuels my sound.”

Tickets are available now through on the web: or by phone: (800) 225-2277 or at: or Cache Creek Casino Resort at the guest services desk for $45, $35, and $25.

BROOKS, Calif. – Blues man Jonny Lang started playing guitar at the age of twelve after his father took him to see the Bad Medicine Blues Band, one of the few blues bands that could be found in his home town of Fargo, North Dakota. Inspired, Lang started taking lessons from Ted Larsen, the band’s guitar player. Most stories would end right there. After a few months of lessons many pre-teens would move on to other hobbies or lose interest. One of two might start their own band as a teen, playing birthday parties and family functions. Lang took another path altogether — after several months of playing, he was dubbed a guitar prodigy and eventually joined the very same band that inspired his love for the blues and hit the road.

Things began to heat up as the group moved to Minneapolis and independently released the album Smokin’ when Lang was only fourteen-years-old. At the tender age of 15, he released another album, the critically acclaimed multi-platinum Lie to Me. Things continued to get better as his next release, Wander this World, earned him a Grammy nomination. A few years and albums later, Lang’s newest album, the gospel-influenced Turn Around, won him his first Grammy Award in 2006. He will perform selections from these albums in front of a Club 88 crowd at Cache Creek on Saturday, Sept. 11 at 8 p.m.

The career of this guitar virtuoso has been meteoric to say the least. While kids his age were still playing high school gigs and performing in garages, he was touring with music industry giants like the Rolling Stones and Aerosmith, trading licks for more than ten years with mentors like B. B. King and Buddy Guy, played for a White House audience including President and Mrs. Clinton, and even made a cameo appearance in the film Blues Brothers 2000 as a janitor.

He’s also shared the stage with other greats such as Blues Traveler, Jeff Beck, and Sting. Eric Clapton asked Lang to play at the Crossroads Guitar Festival. Currently, he’s promoting his collaborative work on Cyndi Lauper’s new album, Memphis Blues. Through it all, he has continued to mature and improve his craft, silencing critics who dismissed him as too young with displays of his God given talent. U.S. News and World Report perhaps summed Lang up best when they lauded him for having “the voice of a grizzled blues veteran … and guitar skills to match.” There can be no better compliment for a blues man who has yet to reach the age of 30 and still has a long successful career still ahead of him.

Tickets are available now through on the web: or by phone: (800) 225-2277 or at: or Cache Creek Casino Resort at the guest services desk for $59 and $45.

BROOKS, Calif. – Best known for his driving themes to several 80s blockbuster films such as “Caddyshack,” “Footloose,” and “Top Gun,” rocker Kenny Loggins has entertained audiences for decades as a songwriter, solo artist, and collaborator with many of the industry’s most talented performers. Known by audiences of all ages, he will perform from his stable of hits at Cache Creek Casino Resort’s Club 88 on Aug. 21 at 8 p.m.

Loggins has been many things to many people over the course of his career – “a moving target” as he’s put it. In his time, he’s been a guitar-slinger with a psychedelic rock band, a hot young songwriter with a publishing deal, half of a legendary country-rock duo, a massively successful and accomplished solo artist, a sonic pioneer in the smooth jazz genre, a reigning soundtrack superstar, a rocker, as well as an enduring recording artist and live performer whose most recent works have spoken deeply to both young and adult audiences. At the heart of it all, there remains a brilliant singer-songwriter and guitarist with a lifelong passion for exploring the endless power of the song to communicate.

By any standard, Loggins’ commercial impact has been extraordinary – twelve of his albums have gone platinum and beyond. In a world of one hit wonders and fifteen minute sensations, Loggins has enjoyed hit songs in four straight decades – a remarkable testament to his exceptional craftsmanship and stamina. Through it all, he’s earned the faith of those who’ve followed him along the way.

Loggins first achieved solo stardom with million-selling albums such as Celebrate Me Home, Nightwatch (which included the hit “Whenever I Call You Friend” with Stevie Nicks), Keep the Fire (“This Is It,”) and 1982’s High Adventure (“Don’t Fight It” with Steve Perry and “Heart To Heart”). Loggins’ reputation as one of music’s outstanding vocalists became well established, and in 1980 he won the Best Male Pop Vocal Grammy for “This Is It.” As a songwriter Loggins was also known for inspired collaborations such as co-writing the 1979 Grammy-winning Song of The Year “What a Fool Believes” with his long-time friend Michael McDonald of the Doobie Brothers.

In the 80s, Loggins became even more famous than ever as the king of movie theme songs, thanks to massive smashes like “I’m Alright” (from Caddyshack), “Footloose” (from Footloose), “Danger Zone” (from Top Gun), and “Nobody’s Fool” (from Caddyshack II). Loggins also continued to record albums that were introspective and deeply personal, including 1985’s Vox Humana, 1988’s Back to Avalon, 1991’s Leap of Faith, The Unimaginable Life (1997) and 2003’s It’s About Time. During this same period, Loggins continued to take on new challenges, like recording a Christmas album (1998’s December) and two successful and acclaimed CDs for children: 1994’s radiant Return to Pooh Corner and its worthy follow-up, More Songs from Pooh Corner.

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BROOKS, Calif. – Anyone who’s a fan of comedy knows Rob Schneider. Most of us were introduced to him as a member of one of the classic casts of SNL, where he first teamed up with Adam Sandler. This relationship led to hilarious cameos in a number of Sandler projects in addition to features which Schneider carried on his own such as the “Duece Bigelow” films and off the wall premised projects such as “The Animal” and “The Hot Chick.”

Schneider is well known for his longtime relationship with Adam Sandler and Sandler’s production company, Happy Madison, which led him to star in several projects, including “Bedtime Stories,” “You Don’t Mess With The Zohan,” “The Benchwarmers,” “50 First Dates,” “The Longest Yard,” “Eight Crazy Nights,” “Little Nicky” and “Mr. Deeds.” Also for Happy Madison, Schneider co-wrote and starred in “Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo,” “Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo,” “The Hot Chick” and “The Animal.” Other film credits include “Shark Bait,” “The Waterboy” and “Big Daddy.”

Born in San Francisco, Schneider grew up in the nearby suburb of Pacifica, the son of a secular Jewish Father and Catholic mother. Schneider’s maternal grandmother was a Filipina who met and married Schneider’s maternal grandfather, a Caucasian American army private, while he was stationed in the Philippines. Schneider graduated from Terra Nova High School in 1982, where he began writing jokes as a teenager, appearing at local venues.

After opening for comedians such as Jay Leno and Jerry Seinfeld, he made his major network television debut in 1987 on “The David Letterman Show.” A few years later, Lorne Michaels saw Schneider’s appearance on HBO’s “13th Annual Young Comedians Special” and hired him to be a regular on “Saturday Night Live.” During his four seasons at “SNL,” Schneider was nominated for three Emmys and a Peabody Award.
Schneider never stopped working since leaving SNL. Fans can next seen him in the soon to be released film “Grown Ups,” a comedy about five old friends (played by comedy superstars Kevin James, Chris Rock, David Spade, Schneider and Adam Sandler) reuniting 30 years after their high school graduation. He also made his directorial debut last year in the prison comedy “Big Stan,” which was filmed at a closed women’s penitentiary in Stockton. Although he lives in Los Angeles, Schneider is still a Northern California native at heart who looks forward to performing for his fans at Cache Creek.

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BROOKS, Calif. – With sales of over 75 million records, nine Grammy nominations, three Grammy Awards and The American Music Award, KC & the Sunshine Band are one of the seminal forces in pop. Still going strong since their inception in the early 70s, the group pioneered an original funk style that continues to delight old fans and attract new ones well into the millennium. Some of those long time fans and new ones alike can enjoy the group’s funky stylings when they appear at Cache Creek Casino Resort’s Club 88 on June 19 at 8 p.m.

Hits like “Get Down Tonight,” “That’s the Way (I Like It)” and “Shake Your Booty” established KC as a mover and shaker in the music business. Along with the Beatles, KC is the only artist to have four number one singles in the span of a year: “Boogie Shoes,” “Get Down Tonight,” “That’s the Way I Like It,” and “Rock Your Baby.” Their songs continue to show up in television and movies, as well as several stations along the radio dial nation-wide. Just about everyone recognizes one of their signature hit songs.

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BROOKS, Calif. – Boz Scaggs gained fame in the 70s with several Top 20 Hits in the US along with the hit album “Silk Degrees,” which was recorded with the famous session group which later became the band “Toto.” The album spawned three hit singles: “Lowdown”, “Lido Shuffle”, and “What Can I Say”, as well as the critically acclaimed “We’re all Alone.”

A childhood friend of Steve Miller, Scaggs appeared on the Steve Miller Band’s first two albums, Children of the Future and Sailor, which received good reviews from music critics. Scaggs went solo after the success of those efforts, and continued to record and tour throughout the 80s and 90s, charting with songs such as “Breakdown Dead Ahead,” “JoJo,” “Look What You’ve Done To Me,” “Miss Sun” and “Heart Of Mine.” He continues to tour today, including a stop at Cache Creek Casino Resort’s Club 88 on June 12 at 8 p.m.

Tickets are available now through on the web: or by phone: (800) 225-2277 or at: or Cache Creek Casino Resort at the guest services desk for $75, $65, and $55.

BROOKS, Calif. – Scottish Funk and R&B group Average White Band is widely regarded as one of the best soul and funk bands in the history of music. Though perhaps best known for their timeless instrumental mega-hit “Pick Up the Pieces,” the band’s strength actually lies in their consistently accomplished song-writing, stretching across several gold selling albums and multi-Grammy nominations.

In fact, more than a few of their singles charted well, including “Cut The Cake” and “Let’s Go Round Again.” Several other popular album tracks like “Schoolboy Crush” and “Stop The Rain” even went on to become much sampled and turn tabled “rare” grooves. Other notable singles by the group include “Cloudy”, “A Love Of Your Own” and “Nothing You Can Do,” by many considered some of the finest soul album tracks ever recorded.

Somewhat incongruously, given their Scottish roots, the six piece band took the influences of their R&B heroes – people like Marvin Gaye, James Brown, Donny Hathaway and others – and developed their own “authentic” sound which has been eagerly enjoyed by audiences in the US and abroad. The current line-up of the band (this time with noted US recruits augmenting founder members Alan Gorrie and Onnie McIntyre) continue to record and tour around the world to ongoing critical and audience acclaim. Northern California fans will be able to catch them on May 30 at Cache Creek Casino Resort’s Club 88 at 8 p.m.

Tickets are available now through on the web: or by phone: (800) 225-2277 or at: or Cache Creek Casino Resort at the guest services desk for $39, $29, and $19.