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Calming the wind on Old Blue

Posted: November 24, 2015 in Cars

In an effort to quiet the freeway-driving cabin noise on Old Blue, I researched and found a company that sells new metal-reinforced rubber door seals, and installed those before the weather got cold. I also added some additional self-adhesive insulation inside the passenger side window, where the original weatherstripping had become worn.

Lastly, I purchased some Wade wind deflectors for both the driver and passenger doors (in smoke color). Between these three modifications, the wind noise inside the cab is far lower. I’m contemplating also adding a wind deflector to the hood and possibly the rear sliding window to see how that helps as well.

Other recent modifications include the removal of the tonneau cover, which was leaking like a sieve. We’re back to just the regular pickup bed with the extra large tool chest, which is working just fine for now.

She handled pretty good during the first snow with both fuel tanks full. There was still a little tire slippage on the icy spots, which can hopefully be rectified with the addition of some all-season tires from Belle Tire in the coming weeks.