Cosmetic and electrical fixes

Posted: July 12, 2015 in Uncategorized

I finally got around to grabbing a can of touch-up paint for the Duraliner and sprayed over some bare spots on the tailgate. I also painted over some white stains that I’m assuming came from paint or some other caustic agent.





While I had the paint out, I taped off and sprayed the old gray bumper hitch receiver.


Then I sprayed the two remaining lower brackets from the old truck bed camper that was on this truck. I’m now using them as a step up to get into the truck bed.


I have still had some intermittent stalling issues, so I decided to replace the key tumbler in the ignition since it was loose and sloppy. Lastly, I replaced all of the spark plug wires. While I was doing that, I replaced a cracked spark plug. Last time it was in the shop, the mechanic replaced another broken plug. After finishing up, it started and ran great when Owen and I took it for a shakedown run. When I have some more time, I think replacing all of the plugs might be a good idea.


The old, broken spark plug

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