Why I learned to quit worrying and love my DVR

Posted: April 11, 2011 in Entertainment, Uncategorized

The Digital Video Recorder is perhaps the greatest invention of the last 20 years — at least in my opinion. There are probably a few folks who are the beneficiaries of artificial hearts or breakthrough cancer medicines who will disagree with me. With my magical DVR, no longer do I have to wait through obnoxious commercials for products I will never purchase in order to see an episode of “Hell’s Kitchen.” (Who are these people buying the “Sham Wow” anyway?)  Now, I have the power to fast forward to the good parts of “The Bachelor” and “Celebrity Apprentice” (if there are any, that is).

As a busy father of three, watching a television program when it actually airs is often not even a remote possibility. I am required to administer baths, prepare gargantuan amounts of hot dog and macaroni and cheese meals, or break up fights over whose turn it is to use the Xbox to kill digital Al-Qaida soldiers. Thank goodness for the ability to hit “pause” while I separate my wrestling children off of one another, so I can return later to see if the gang on “Swamp People” were  able to capture the monster alligator that has alluded them all season.

Another wonder of the DVR is the ability to save several episodes of a program and watch them all at the same time. Hollywood producers who try to create cliff hanger episodes are foiled by my remote control as I move deftly from one week’s episode of “Justified” to the next on my hard drive. Racy shows with adult themes and potty words can also be reserved for later at night when mommy and daddy have tucked the kiddos into bed. The DVR is the answer to a busy parent’s prayers.


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