>Guests are safe and sound at Cache Creek

Posted: September 16, 2009 in Interviews

>Employee Focus: Director of Security Mark Longshore

Mark Longshore, Cache Creek’s Director of Security, is a California native with a long history of working in the casino security business. Sixteen years of that time he’s been with Cache Creek Casino Resort, starting as Assistant Director of Security in 1993 when the property was a humble bingo hall.

Today, he’s built up his department to provide security services in a number of different ways. “It’s a 24 hour a day business, so there’s always something going on,” says Longshore. “The entertainers who come in to perform here don’t travel with a lot of security, so we handle it for them. We also do all of the security for the casino and the hotel, as well as for the Tribe. We do executive security too. My job is not just focused on one thing, and that’s what I like.”

Cache Creek’s security staff also coordinates with other law enforcement agencies like the California Highway Patrol and Yolo County Sheriff’s Department during the performance of their duties. “We have a great working relationship with Yolo County’s Sheriff Department,” says Longshore. “We even do training with their department, and work closely with their CAP deputies (Capay Augmented Patrol).” These are Sheriff’s Deputies who are funded by Tribal money who are specifically assigned to patrol the area surrounding the casino and the Capay Valley.

In order to provide the wide variety of security services for the resort, Cache Creek Security staff takes part in constant, ongoing training, sometimes cross training with groups such as the FBI, Homeland Security and Secret Service. Longshore, who also holds a Criminal Justice degree with a minor in Psychology, participates in all of this training as well. “We train in a number of areas, including the laws of arrest, search and seizure, and firearms,” explains Longshore. This training is certified by the state and is used when security staff must detain suspects and make arrests. “We need to know about the law in order to do our job,” he says.

Security staff also takes part in executive protection training, arrest and control, defensive tactics, ground fighting, first responder, combat shooting, CPR/First Aid, and other training typical for a peace officer of the highest caliber. “We do a lot of law enforcement or military type training,” says Longshore. “It instills confidence and gives our officers the ability to act quickly and effectively to any real life situation that might arise.”

What all of this training and experience boils down to is a highly skilled force that is specifically designed to maintain the safety and security of patrons to the casino, its staff, and the members of the Tribe. “Our primary goal is to make sure that everyone who comes onto the property is in a safe and secure environment,” says Longshore.

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