>Video games you might want to check out

Posted: June 26, 2008 in Entertainment

>Okay, as a 35+ gamer, I’m into those titles for my XBOX 360 which are fun, different, and not too tough for an old guy to conquer. I don’t actually think I’m that old, I just don’t have the patience and time that a 14-year-old has to try and beat a really difficult level boss for two hours straight. As a gamer since the days of the Atari 2600, I’ll go head-to-head with any 14-year-old, any day.

With such limited time, I like to get my gaming fix in small bursts, where I can advance in the game without too much trouble, and put it aside until the next day when the kids are tucked in bed again and my wife is occupied with something else.

I’ve almost finished Grand Theft Auto IV, which I was addicted to for several weeks, playing whenever I could fit it in, much to my spouses dismay. The storyline is rich and interesting, with a few places where the gamer can choose which story branch to take, and there are plenty of side missions and other interesting achievements which keep a gamer engaged right up until the very end.

Unfortunately, I made it to a point where I had only two missions left and one of my son’s nine-year-old friends accidentally karate kicked my XBOX, causing the disk to scratch to the point where it no longer will load the game. I sent an angry email to Microsoft, as this is not the first time I’ve scratched a game by bumping the console, but they don’t feel that they have any fault in the matter, so I’m out 60 bucks and the 50-100 achievement points I’d earn by finishing the game. Maybe I can rent the title for a night from Blockbuster just to finish it off — but I digress.

GTA IV, despite the controversy and hype, is violent, fun, and engaging. It should only be played when the kiddies are in the other room since the characters drop the “F-Bomb” like it’s going out of style, though, and I definitely wouldn’t recommend it for immature players. The game is just good, (not clean) adult fun.

Another game which I just sold back to GameStop (God I love that place) is Dead Rising. It’s a zombie hack and slash game with a free-play design. Like many other free-play titles, there are time limits and missions to accomplish. It is inventive, creative, and often fun to play, but where the game fails is in its saving system. I stopped playing the game because I got to a certain point and hadn’t left myself enough time to complete a particular mission that was absolutely necessary in order to advance in the game.

Since there isn’t an autosave feature, and it isn’t always easy to reach a save point as often as you’d like, my only option would have been to revert to a save point so far back that I’d have to fight two difficult level bosses all over again and hopefully leave myself enough time to complete the necessary mission. I still think it’s a good game, but if you buy it, be extra conscious of finding those places to save the game and save often, but be careful, because you run the risk of eating up valuable mission time trying to make it to a place in the game which allows you to save. One way around this would be to switch back and forth between saving on your hard drive and saving on an MU.

For a busy dad like me, though, this one was too time consuming, so I turned it in to buy a few new games like Prey, Conan, and Viking, which I’ll review in the coming months.

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